Food to Eat for Energy

When you are out of energy, grabbing a soda and a candy bar seems like a great pick-me-up. The only problem is that the sugar hits your system, gives you are rush and then fades quickly. You also have cravings later.

Instead of junk food, reach for something healthier that will give you long lasting energy without the crash. Some of the foods are drinks, others are meals and there are quite a few snacks. Next time you have the afternoon slumps, grab for one of these instead.


If you are feeling tired after working outside or working out, grab for water first. Dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish. Chugging a glass or two of water refills your body’s water weight and allows cells to function more efficiently.

One study indicated that losing about 1% of your body weight as sweat affects mood and concentration. Dehydration also reduces your endurance.

After you recharge your body’s water content, try another healthy drink.